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The latest advances in hair transplant

The latest advances in hair transplant
The latest advances in hair transplant

When baldness is pronounced or becomes embarrassing hair transplant appears as a solution, albeit a little expensive, but mostly aesthetic, durable and discreet. Today, two main techniques are used by practitioners: the method called the "strip" and FUE. Amar doctor, dermatologist specializing in hair transplant, says all of the hair transplant to make his choice with confidence.

If baldness is a typically male problem, some women also suffer from hair loss. In recent years, surgery has advanced to painless interventions under local anesthesia and without significant downtime.
But we opt for one or the other technique, in both cases the aim is to implant placement. "What makes the difference is how to remove the bulbs," says Dr. Amar. Samples that are always in the same place at the back of the skull in the occipital area where the hair is the richest, most provided. "In this area, the hair is programmed to last. They have a longer life expectancy than the rest of the skull."

The method of the strip

Surgery against the calvitieLe principle: A horizontal strip of 1 cm wide is removed under local anesthesia on a length which is from 12 up to 23 cm that is to say a maximum of one ear to the other. Then, the micro-strip is cut to get the bulbs that are implanted and thus redistributed on bald areas. The dermatologist closes the sampling region using sutures which will leave a thin horizontal linear scar of a millimeter wide at the back of the head. "This technique is used by 90% of practitioners because it provides a large amount of good quality implants," says professional.

For who? This technique is aimed at both men and women. Hedge capacity is larger than the FUE and strip is particularly suitable for large balding.

The duration of the operation: It lasts 2 to 3 hours during which 1 200 to 1500 implants were removed and reimplanted into the bald areas or hair an amount of from 3 000 to 5 000 hairs (each implant carries 1 4 natural hair according to the anatomical distribution of the human being).

Post-operative pain and suites: No pain during the operation which is performed under local anesthesia. By cons, after the operation of tightness can be felt and forehead may swell a few days because of the anesthesia. Moreover, crusts will be formed at the point of impact of the implants and will disappear on average within 8 to 10 days.

Result: The result becomes final eight months to a year after surgery. If a new session is required, it will be done after an interval of 1 year compared to the first session.

Cost: Approximately 5000 to 6000 € per session (TTC). Some practitioners offer packages, other rates depending on the number of grafts.

Advantages: For the dermatologist, "this technique can take a large amount of implants and quality Regrowth one year is very good.".

Disadvantages: The main drawback of the technique of the strip is the scar it leaves the back of the head. However, the new closing techniques allow to refine and above all, it is always possible to hide with the hair.


The principle FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a technique that has take the bulbs out of the rear of the donor scalp directly using a small surgical drill 1 to 0.7 millimeters in diameter. The bulbs are then reimplanted in the areas to be covered. This technique is not intended for large balding theory, but rather is suitable for small areas. In the vast majority of cases the sampling zone must be completely shaved, which can be problematic.

For who? FUE is especially recommended for people who will have a less efficient healing (and paradoxically a less visible scar). For this reason, in men, the reserve is primarily to age 35. This technique is less recommended for women because it requires in most cases to shave the donor area and that they spontaneously heal better than men.

The duration of the operation: Between 5 to 10 hours, depending on the area to be covered, during which the patient is sitting or lying down.

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