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Dandruff - How to get rid of?

Dandruff - How to get rid of?
Dandruff - How to get rid of?

Tinea capitis the more commonly known films are common: they touch indeed one in three. They can be very numerous and persistent and require specific treatment.
What causes dandruff?

Dandruff corresponding to a rapid turnover of scalp cells: These cells by eliminating stand scalp and form a white powder (dry dandruff) or fat particles (oily dandruff).
dry dandruff

The dry films are in the form of a white powder: they do not cause itching and are troublesome as a aesthetic point of view.
oily film

Oily dandruff form plaques larger or smaller that stick to the scalp, causing itching see hair loss. They can even be the cause of the proliferation of fungi.

If your dandruff is dry, use dandruff shampoo Adaptations generally found in such products as active cade oil, tar or zinc that slow desquamation and cell turnover.

Oily dandruff may require antifungal base and salicylic acid treatment that destroy particles and greasy agglomerates. The treatment usually lasts about ten days and can be used 2 times a week shampoo in leaving or cure of bulbs to be applied to the scalp.

In any case, if the dandruff persists, consult your dermatologist.
Tips and habits

Eat foods containing vitamin A (which cleanses the scalp and soothes irritation):

The air is too dry can aggravate dandruff. Use humidifiers....

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