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Treat damaged hair

Treat damaged hair
Treat damaged hair

Winter tends to weaken the hair and cause them to lose their natural luster. External attacks are indeed true events. Repair damaged hair by the summer or protect them during the coming months will help to protect the scalp. Each season is a real test for the hair.

The environment (sand, sea water, chlorine in swimming pools, pollution, wind, snow ...) may
Dull the hair,
Damaging a color
Slow the growth,
Promote hair loss,
Cause irritation of the scalp,

Solutions to protect her hair from the winter

There are ways to repair damaged or very damaged hair:
Moisturize skin and hair by drinking plenty of water,
Cut the tips damaged,
Space shampoos: 1-2 times a week maximum,
Avoid repeated use of hair dryer and flat iron, which burn the hair
Avoid ammonia-based colors and prefer those with henna, more natural
Avoid alcoholic gel that promotes hair loss.

A good diet

To ensure the strength of the hair, a healthy lifestyle is recommended. A damaged or brittle hair can indeed be a sign of nutritional deficiencies: poor diet, stress ... We must reinvigorate the then interior.

The ideal diet consists of protein, sulfur, zinc, iron and vitamin B. The egg yolk and lentils contain these five elements and therefore are strongly recommended.

The sport is also beneficial: it helps eliminate toxins from the body and keeps stress No. 1 enemy of hair. Indeed, it provoked strong reactions in the scalp, accelerating hair loss. Note: Magnesium helps to soothe the daily tensions.

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