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Dry Hair - What to do?

Dry Hair - What to do?

Dry Hair - What to do?
Dry Hair - What to do?

split ends

Although a good time to chisel stroke recovery time regrow hair, you can feed them up if you want to keep your length. A tip? Before you shampoo, coat your oil spikes (argan oil type) and leave on for half an hour. Proceed to shampoo, do not forget the mask and let it dry in the open air (the dryer tends to damage the hair).
Allier blow dry and soft hair

It is true that the hair dryer has a tendency to attack the hair fiber. Before drying, apply special care "before brushing" that will protect the hair fiber. If your hair dryer is equipped with a temperature controller, prefer a gentle heat, cold look. Also note that some hairdryer are equipped with a tank that distributes a product softener!
Dry and oily roots tips

Your hair is mixed type.
For washing, use a shampoo with absorbent power, clay-based example.
Apply a nourishing mask only on the lengths and ends.
To avoid exciting the sebaceous glands that cause "fat" appearance to the roots, do not rub your hair with a towel, but wrap them around and let it dry naturally.

Protecting hair summer

Sun, wind, salt or chlorine does not mix well with your hair. Apply before swimming a nourishing oil, and repeat the application every bathrobe.
Dry and frizzy hair

The miracle product does not exist, but for very dry frizzy hair is used very often avocado products and oil-based masks, shea butter, argan and jojoba oil with very nourishing.
Restore shine

After shampooing, leave on your mask for 5 minutes.
One trick grandma consists of adding to the rinse water a little vinegar, with astringent properties that will tighten the hair scales.
Rinse with cold water also.

Mask for dry hair "home"

Mix 1 egg yolk, 4 tablespoons of honey and a little almond oil.
Apply to dry, unwashed hair and leave on for at least 30 minutes.
Proceed to shampoo.
Satin effect guaranteed!

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