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Protecting hair from the sun and the sea

Protecting hair from the sun and the sea
Protecting hair from the sun and the sea

Between the sun, wind, salt, chlorine, our hair in summer are rather abused. Discover all our advice to take care and keep a beautiful hair.
The sun is good ... in small doses!

In summer, the sun can have positive effects on our hair, you only know how to balance:
It gives beautiful reflections,
it activates the circulation of microvessels,
it binds calcium to the hair by causing production of vitamin D.

Beware of overdose: the harmful effects of the sun

Infrared drying the skin and alter the pH of the scalp, causing dandruff.
Chlorine dries out the hair and hair color abyss.
Salt and sand irritate the scalp and can cause itching.
The wind carries with it the dust that sticks to the hair and dull hair. And beware of nodes in long hair!

The right thing to protect hair from the sun and the sea

Before you go swimming, coat your hair with a special protective hair oil which contains UV filters: this will form a "barrier" that will put protective immune your hair during your bath.
When you get out of the water, consider rinse your hair if you are near a shower: Otherwise, consider taking with you a clear water bottle.
In the evening, mandatory mild shampoo and conditioner for long hair. And twice a week, apply a regenerating mask on your hair: shea, cocoa butter, argan, the principles contained in these masks will soften and repair damaged hair.

Tip before bed

Before going to bed, apply on your castor oil spikes or lawyer. Nattez your hair and then spend the night with this mat. Softness guaranteed thing in the morning!

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