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Prevention of hair loss disease alopecia

Prevention of hair loss disease alopecia

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Basic preventive measures

There is no magic trick to prevent hair loss, especially when it is hereditary. Still, some basic steps to help hair health.

Take care of her hair
- Have a good hair hygiene reduces the risk of ringworm.
- Avoid sharing combs, brushes and other hair accessories.
- Do not overdo the chemicals (dyes, sprays, etc.).
- Avoid pulling the hair excessively capping you or maintaining the hair up with accessories.

Eating Well
Several trace elements play an important role in the health of hair. Including magnesium, but also of calcium, iron, potassium and zinc.
To avoid a possible deficiency of one or other of these trace elements, it is important to eat a healthy and balanced. To learn more about the basics of a healthy diet, see our fact sheet How to eat well?

Guard against stress
Stress causes the secretion of androgens which, in excess, promote baldness. Find the source of your stress and ways to better cope with situations that create, if any. Practice relaxation techniques may also be useful.

act quickly
There are some remedies to stop hair loss, resources are much more limited with respect to regrowth.

In case of chemotherapy or radiation
Some chemotherapy can cause hair loss or hair, depending on the type of chemotherapy used, the dose, duration of treatment and other personal factors. Radiation can also cause loss of hair. Usually, the hair and the hair grows back within weeks or months after stopping treatment. Still, according to the Canadian Cancer Society, it is possible to mitigate the effect of these treatments. Some conseils1:
- Use a mild shampoo and a soft brush;
- Let your hair dry naturally or use a blow dryer at low temperature;
- Avoid coloring or perming your hair;
- Wear a cooling helmet at the time of chemotherapy to reduce blood flow to the hair follicles. This method is not recommended for against certain types of cancers. Also, it does not work every time. Check with the health care team.

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