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Examination of the scalp for a treatment or a transplant

Examination of the scalp for a treatment or a transplant


On an unwashed scalp for 3 to 4 days, his fifty hair taken from different places of the scalp. Once collected, bulbs and stems of this hair is examined under a microscope to determine any abnormalities as found in alopecia areata or toxic in origin, drug or infectious alopecia.

We then calculate the percentage of hair in all three phases of the hair cycle: anagen, catagen and telogen. The proportion of hair in activity is obtained with respect to the orders on hair or hair to fall. The prognosis is poor if the telogen hair rate exceeds 20% and the ratio of anagen hair on telogen hair is less than 3 out of 5, whereas in normal conditions it is 4 out of 5.

Thus detected a baldness evolving, by shortening the hair cycle. Doppler examination or scalp at this stage allows us to study the microcirculation and remedy any poor vascularization even if the patient has chosen to use hair transplants.

Trichogram this is a great way to diagnosis and may be repeated in so-called alopecia mundane to monitor progress. There is no need to take in common baldness, always rebellious medical treatment, even if they were able to delay some changes.

Note that in women and children, the percentage of hair in the anagen phase is a little more important than humans.

The photo-trichogram

The principle of photo-trichogram is a little different. After shaving a square centimeter of scalp unwashed previously macroscopic photo taken. Five days later, comparative shots in the same lighting conditions and at the same magnification will judge the percentage of regrowth once washed hair.
We can also review the situation after a month in order to have a more precise idea of the speed of growth. Thus, assessing the number of anagen hairs the meanwhile pushed 1 or 2 mm and telogen hair will have disappeared, carried by shampoo or simply will not grow.
We can appreciate the hairline which will be given if a transplant is considered. The

the tractiophototrichogramme

This review combines a gentle but insistent on a well-marked in the macro that will be made when the dead telogen hairs have been removed traction area.
Thus appreciate the density of anagen hairs per square centimeter.

Quote again:
- Examination of the hair under a microscope used in case of abnormal fragility of the hair may be suspected fungal infection, bacterial or viral.
- Analysis of the hair in the laboratory study of inherited disorders of the hair composition of proteins, in essentially the keratin, and various alterations of various origins.
- The scalp biopsy which provides additional information about the cause of the rupture of the hair, in case of abnormal loss.

These reviews permetten to link hair loss to specific causes that should be remembered:
- The male pattern baldness in France reaches nearly 10 million people.
- Stress following childbirth, general anesthesia, depression or a very febrile infection.
- A drug because toxic, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti coagulants, antibiotics and anti-cancer medications are the most common.
- All kinds of metabolic disorders whether poorly controlled diabetes, hyperthyroidism or improper diet.
- External causes for inadequate care in the nature of hair.

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