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white hair treatment methods

white hair treatment methods


Baldness is the growth of white hair. This is a natural phenomenon usually linked to age. What causes the appearance of white hair? What solutions exist?

The appearance of white hair or baldness is a natural phenomenon due to the inactivity of the melanin in the hair bulb. The hair is getting enough pigment and become white. In general, the first white hair grows between 35 and 40 years. Baldness can also be early and appear earlier, between 20 and 25 years.
Several factors are responsible for the discoloration of hair:
heredity in cases of early baldness,
Albinism: lack of melanin production.


There is no treatment currently available for stopping the growth of white hair or to hide them permanently. It is possible to cover a temporary coloring, scan or a change in hairstyle.

For men, it is advisable to use only products of male coloration.
Women's products are not suitable for men's hair in terms of application methods. The result of the coloring effect could be unsightly.

Some ideas spread on white hair:
white hair multiply if they are torn,
hair can turn white overnight,
have white hair early means that aging is premature.


According to scientists from universities in Germany Arndt and Bradford in the UK, treatment may soon solve the problem of white hair.

Their research has indeed shown that people with white hair accumulate hydrogen peroxide causing discoloration. Treatment with a chemical compound called PC-KUS could be remedied through the UVB. The future treatment could also treat vitiligo.
To go further

The discovery of future treatment for white hair, FASEB Journal.


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